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  1. Auto Tune Sky Box Office

I bought a new LG 42LF561V tv yesterday. I’m not great with tech stuff but I managed to autotune new tv’s in in the past. I am only connecting a Sky box but no matter what I select from the menu (aerial, cable, satellite — all 3 or a combination), the tv scans through but can’t find any channels. I have checked that everything is connected properly but I’m totally at a loss as to what could be wrong. I’ve done a factory reset and tried again but it just won’t autotune.
Does anyone have any suggestions or can direct me to somewhere that has a step-by-step (dummies!) guide to autotuning an LG tv?
Thanks in advance!

Auto Tune Sky Box Office

Mar 29, 2013 LG TV screen reads not programmed and autotune will not work — Answered by a verified Electronics Technician. Experience: Mechanic ASE cert tech for over 12 years, Auto, Marine and Home Electronics professional. The LG TV in another room attached to the same SKY box continues to work and re-adjusting the programs on that TV start. Apr 18, 2020 SKY has confirmed details on three new channels coming to your Sky Q at no extra cost. These new channels will bring a truckload of new live and on-demand content to your set-top box.

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